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Dr. Jeff Fountain is a part of Flying Doctors of America.

Our mission is to provide medical assistance and hope to as many of the poor and needy as we are able to reach.

We fly medical & dental teams to wherever the need takes us.

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Don’t take our word for it... Patient Testimonials

Jordan S

I am tall 6’4″, and for years I have hunched over. I have done yoga, gotten massage, and had various forms of body work to try to help me stand up strait. I was afraid I would permanently have a hunch and that it would get worse as I got older. Jeff uses a very unique and powerful form of chiropractic and has made it much easier for me to stand up tall. His work has made me comfortable in my body made good posture feel natural.

Beth Holland

Beth HollandThank you so much for the Laser Therapy. The surgeon nurse and physical therapist have all been astounded by the rapidity of my recovery from hip replacement surgery. I have gotten used to hearing “excellent,” “great,” and “brilliant” to describe my recovery. I actually look forward to my continued recovery and the restoration of my active athletic lifestyle.
- Beth Holland, IPCC Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2007, Senior Scientist, NCAR

Crystal H

I just wanted to say that I’ve had very satisfactory results from Jeff Fountain’s chiropractic work. I am 24 years old, and I started a series of treatments with Jeff after I’d had chronic and sometimes severe neck pain. He made me feel so much better, and I no longer have any neck pain. Also, my posture has dramatically improved and I look much better, and my movement and breathing has improved (my rib cage has opened up). Jeff took “Before” and “After” pictures of me, and the difference is dramatically noticeable; I went from very crooked to straight and tall. Although we went through many treatments to complete the series, I truly believe that is what was needed; it was completely worth it to me, and I am so thankful to be looking and feeling so much healthier.

Penny P

Dr Fountain is a great chiropractor. He has a strong intuition with his work. He knows many modalities and builds on what he knows with classes he attends. He has been my chiropractor and primary care doctor for 10 yrs. My grown children also go to him. I am very comfortable with Dr. Fountain as he makes me feel like one of the family. I refer him any time someone is looking for pain relief.

David S

Dr. Fountain comes with my highest recommendation. I have been a patient of his for 8 years. He has treated me for injuries and health maintenance. Dr. Fountain is a rare gem in the wellness industry. He takes the time to provide thorough treatments and blends different techniques into his practice. Of the many different Chiropractors I have been treated by, Dr. Fountain has been my favorite for overall wellness.

Andrew M

Dr. Jeff Fountain has helped me regain my posture and rid myself of a chronic pain between my shoulder blades. I am so grateful for his help and advice along the way. Thank you Dr. Fountain!

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